Go Power! 10A 12V Smart Battery Charger

ID: GPSC-12-10A


Go Power! Electric

The Go Power! 10 Amp Smart Charger is designed specifically to extend the life of deep-cycle battery banks.


The Go Power! 10 Amp Smart Charger is designed specifically to extend the life of deep-cycle battery banks.  With a unique microprocessor controlled electronic design, the Go Power! Smart Charger offers multi-stage charging to accurately recharge and maintain your battery banks without electrolyte loss.  The Smart Charger has a high frequency switching mode and is equipped with a micro-controller and a PFC circuit.  This design allows this Battery Charger to perform with intelligent battery management and reliable operation. The Smart Charger features a three stage charging process that provides more sophisticated and faster charging than conventional transformer type chargers. The charging stages are:

  • Bulk Stage: Constant current charging at a high voltage level at maximum amperage
  • Absorption Stage: Tapering current for the last 10-20% of charge
  • Float Stage:  Lower voltage float mode to prevent electrolyte loss

It also features an LED display, reporting charging state, short circuit protection and over-temperature protection.  The high efficiency electronic design makes the GPSC-12-10A the ideal choice for use with generators and for backup charger applications.


  • Advanced 8-bit microprocessor control circuit, reverse battery protected by fuse, ignition protection
  • Output short circuit protection and overpower protection
  • Switch mode technology
  • Easy-to-read LED for system status
  • Compact size and lightweight
  • Power factor corrected to 0.98 = efficient charge
 Model  GPSC-12-10A 
 Quick Specifications *
 Current 10 A
 Voltage 12 V
 Power (Watt) 160
 Input Voltage 120 VAC
 Bulk Charging Voltage 14.4 VDC
 Float Charging Voltage ` 13.65 VDC
 # of Battery Banks 1
 Battery Type Wet Lead Acid
 Dimensions  51 x 84 x 208 mm
 Weight 0.9 kg
 Warranty ` 1 year

St. Thomas Ontario – please allow 7-10 days for delivery


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