IOTA 30A 12VDC Converter / Charger

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IOTA Engineering

IOTA’s 120VAC to 12VDC DLS-30 Series Converter/Charger design provides clean, steady output for efficient battery charging and confident operation of your DC equipment.



The compact, durable engineering of the DLS Series combines reliable AC/DC performance with whisper-quiet operation and lower operating temperature.

Dual State Charging

IOTA’s Dual-State Charging design allows the unit to function as both a constant voltage or a constant current charger and automatically selects the optimal charging method for your battery’s needs, resulting in safer, faster, and more efficient charging.

Line / Load Control

The tight line/load control of the DLS allows for clean conversion of AC voltage into steady and reliable DC power for your battery or load. By preventing erratic DC output, the DLS Series allows confident operation of onboard and sensitive equipment for optimal life and prevents damage or equipment shutdown from unexpected overloads.

Switch-Mode Technology

The IOTA DLS Series uses state-of-the-art switch mode technology, which minimizes wasted power by significantly reducing high dissipation states. The switch-mode design allows for reliable, efficient performance in a compact chassis with lower operating temperature.

Battery Charger Specifications
Model DLS-30
DC Output Voltage (no load) aprox 13.6 V (DC)
Output Amperage, Maximum Continuous 30 A
Output Voltage, Full Load (aprox) >13.4V (DC)
Maximum Power Output (Continuous) 400 Watts
Input Voltage Range 108-132V (AC)
Input Voltage Frequency 47-63
Maximum AC Current (@ 108 VAC) 7.3 Amps
Fan Control Proportional
Dimensions (w x l x h) 9.7" x 6.7" x 3.4"
Weight 4.5 lbs


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