Battery Box Vent Solid State Relay



Solid state relay, panel mount, hockey puck style, 3-32 VDC input voltage, SPST, normally open MOSFET, 12A contact rating, 3-200 VDC load voltage, DC switching. Finger-safe design and LED status lamp.


Relays are used in conjunction with the auxiliary output (control) circuit of many inverters and charge controllers to supply power to the battery box ventilator when the maximum output current of the auxiliary output circuit will not properly power the battery box ventilator, or whenever you would like to run the ventilator at battery voltage, or whenever you need to run multiple ventilators (for large battery banks).

For example:

  • The Auxiliary Output of a FLEXMax charge controller is 200mA whereas the current draw of the Battery Vent may be 250mA., or
  • The Auxiliary Output voltage of the charge controller is 12VDC, but your battery bank voltage is 24 or 48VDC., and/or
  • The amount of battery bank off-gassing exceeds the 6-8 CFM flow of a single Battery Bank Ventilator and therefore multiple Ventilators must be used.
 Input Characteristics
 Control Voltage Range 3.5 to 32 VDC
Typical Input Current 10mA
Must Release Voltage 1VC
Reverse Polarity Protection No
Switching Type DC
Power Indicator Green LED Status Lamp
 Output Characteristics
Load Voltage Range 3 to 200 VDC
Rated Load Current 12A
Minimum Load Current 20mA
 General Characteristics
Operating Temperature Range -40 deg C to 80 deg C (-40 deg F to 176 deg F) (derating applies)
Storage Temperature Range -40 deg C to 100 deg C (-40 deg F to 212 deg F)
Weight 110g (3.88oz)
Terminal Screw Size Input: M3.5   Output: M4
Terminal Wire Capacity Inputs up to 12AWG / Outputs up to 10 AWG.  For anything larger, fork or ring terminals are recommended


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