Fronius Primo 10.0 kW Inverter

ID: PRIMO-10.0-1



The transformerless Fronius Primo is the ideal compact single-phase inverter for residential and small-scale commercial applications with power categories from 3.8 to 15 kW.



The new Fronius Primo series are high-performing grid-tie inverters, ideal for residential and small-scale commercial PV systems. They come in a range of sizes including 3.8 kW, 5.0 kW, 6.0 kW, 7.6 kW, 8.2 kW, 10 kW, 11.4 kW, 12.5 kW and 15.0 kW. This generation boasts three main benefits: flexible system design, fast installation and rugged performance. The Fronius Primo features an industry-leading low DC startup voltage of only 80 V, a wide MPP tracking window and dual MPPT to accommodate a variety of module orientations and string sizes (less than 600 V and up to 1,000 V). The innovative SnapINverter mounting system and integrated wireless monitoring with smart device set-up means installation and servicing are faster than ever before.

Product Highlights

  • Rugged performance: operates at -40 C, hardy Nema 4X case, can be mounted horizontally.
  • Independent dual MPPT inputs maximize production when solar is installed on different roof orientations or string sizes.
  • Configurable to 208/240 V output.
  • Wide input voltage range from 80 V to 600 V for residential installations, and up to 1000 V DC on ground mount or commercial projects.
  • Quick installation with the Fronius SnapINverter mounting system; wiring is integrated on the mounting bracket with power electronics housed separately in the inverter body.
  • Integrated, fully lockable DC disconnect saves installers time and money.
  • Built-in wireless monitoring hardware, with comprehensive Solar.web app coverage including Apple (smart device and watch), Android, and internet-enabled TVs.
General Specifications
Nominal Output Power 9995W (208V / 240V)
Maximum Output Power 9995W (208V / 240V)
Rated Grid AC Voltage 208V / 240V
Input Specifications
Number of Independent MPPT Channels 2
Maximum Usable Power Per Channel 33A / 18A
MPPT Voltage Range 220V - 800V
Operating Voltage Range 80V - 600V
Maximum Input Voltage 1000V


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