Magnum MMP Panel – 250 ADC, 30D AAC

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Magnum Dimensions

The MMP – Mini Magnum Panel is an inclusive, easy-to-install panel designed to work with one Magnum MS-AE, MS-PAE, MS, RD or other non-Magnum inverter / charger.



The Mini Magnum Panel (MMP) enclosure is part of a new line of panel systems from Magnum Energy. Installing an inverter system is now as simple as mounting the MMP enclosure, installing the inverter, connecting the battery bank, and if needed, bringing in AC power from a generator or the utility.

The inverter’s required AC and DC disconnects and wire connection points are all together, and integrated in one self-contained enclosure.  This unit has been specifically designed to combine all of the major components required for a renewable energy system into a single, easy to install pre-wired enclosure. This includes: inverter/
battery disconnect, AC overcurrent protection, grounding connections, and a full system inverter bypass switch as a convenient way to isolate the inverter for battery maintenance.  Designed for single inverter applications, this enclosure features convenient front panel operation and the optional front panel remote allows easy Magnum inverter set up, monitoring, and operation.  In addition to saving time and money with a simple and easy inverter installation, this enclosure ensures safety and reliability by providing a UL and CSA certified, code compliant system.

What makes the MMP enclosure stand out from the competition?

  • It is engineered to combine the ease and cost savings of a pre-wired, factory-integrated system with the flexibility of a single person, field installed power system.
  • The self-contained enclosure system is convenient and space-saving, reducing installation time and cost compared to a conventional approach using multiple interconnected components.
  • Multiple models are available to meet the flexibility and power demands of your application.
  • Specifically designed to fit Magnum inverters, but easily adaptable to connect other inverter  systems in 12, 24, or 48 VDC standardized configurations.
  • Includes a built-in AC bypass switch with full system current capability, and a DC disconnect breaker for safe and easy servicing of the inverter and/or battery bank.
  • Additional space to install up to eight ½” (12.7mm) wide DIN rail-mounted breakers or four 1” (25.4mm) wide back-mounted breakers for use as DC load breakers; or, space to install PV disconnects or PV-Ground Fault Protection (PV-GFP).
  • A full system capacity DC shunt (500 amps) installed to allow easy connection to a state-of-charge battery monitor.
  • AC/DC wiring connections and circuit breaker operations are easily accessible from the front.

MMP Series Overview

The MMP enclosure is available in four basic configurations.

Individual Models:

  • MMP175-30D (Mini Magnum Panel, 175 ADC breaker, dual 30 AAC bypass/input breakers)
  • MMP175-60S (Mini Magnum Panel, 175 ADC breaker, single 60 AAC bypass/input breakers)
  • MMP250-30D (Mini Magnum Panel, 250 ADC breaker, dual 30 AAC bypass/input breakers)
  • MMP250-60S (Mini Magnum Panel, 250 ADC breaker, single 60 AAC bypass/input breakers)

Standard Features:

  • Enclosure is steel construction with durable white powder coat finish
  • Battery/inverter DC disconnect breaker (175 or 250 amps)
  • Inverter AC input overcurrent protection breakers
  • Pre-wired AC bypass switch for inverter isolation/battery maintenance
  • Front mount AC and DC breakers for quick and easy operation
  • AC and DC ground screw type compression terminals (no lugs required)
  • 500A/50mV DC shunt installed for easy connection to battery status monitor
  • Easy field wiring with front-mounted AC and DC input/output terminals
  • Enclosure and components are UL/CSA certified and designated for indoor use
  • Configurations available for both single 120 VAC and 120/240 VAC systems
  • DC negative and ground busbars (negative can be isolated if PV-GFP device installed)
  • Battery positive busbar for DC loads and PV arrays included
  • Provides mounting for DIN rail or back-mounted DC load/disconnect breakers
  • Integrates directly with Magnum MS, MS-PAE, and RD Series inverters
  • Knockouts for inverter and battery cables, PV in/out, DC breakers
  • Stud terminal available for large DC wire if used as system ground
  • Data cables with 300-volt rated insulation to allow 240 VAC inverter installations
  • Inverter hood to allow a Magnum inverter to be mounted vertically

Optional Accessories/Components:

  • ME-RC – Basic Remote Control with LCD display; allows inverter (or connected accessory) to be configured and monitored, and maintains the critical settings in non-volatile memory.
  • ME-ARC – Advanced Remote Control with LCD display; has all the features of the ME-RC remote, but also configures the advanced features of the inverter (or any connected accessory).
  • ME-BMK-NS – Battery Monitor; determines battery State of Charge (DC shunt not included).
  • ME-AGS-N – Automatic Generator Start Controller (Network version); automatically starts/stops generators.
  • BP-MMP – Metal Backplate; for mounting the Magnum inverter and MMP enclosure, and is UPS shippable.
  • DC Breakers – Space for up to four E-Frame/back-mounted (1” width) or eight Q-Frame/DIN rail-mounted (1/2” width) DC breakers.
  • MMP-KP – A top cover plate with knockouts to allow other (non-Magnum) inverter installations.

Which MMP Panel is right for me?

“Single in / Single out” (SISO) and “Double in / Double out” (DIDO) refer to the number of hot AC legs (L1 & L2) in and out of the inverter that the given MMP Panel is wired to accept.   Note that “PAE” inverters must use DIDO MMP Panels to accomodate the split phase 120/240VAC input and output functionality of the PAE inverters.  Single phase 120VAC input and output Magnum inverters may use SISO or DIDO inverters depending on site requirements.  All MS Series Magnum inverters have L1 and L2 Hot in and out terminals.  Therefore, even if the inverter is not a split phase inverter, it can still connect to both legs of a split phase generator and will “pass through” split phase voltage during generator operation.

MMP Panel Part Number Inverter Compatability DC Inverter Breaker AC Input &
# of Hot Legs
MMP175-30D MS4448PAE 175A 30A 2 (DIDO)
MMP250-60S MS2012, MS2812, MS4024 250A 60A 1 (SISO)
MMP250-30D MS2012, MS2812, MS4024, MS4024PAE 250A 30A 2 (DIDO)

Don’t forget to order one BP-MMP backplate for your installation!  Your MMP distribution panel, hood (included with panel) and Magnum inverter were designed to mount to it!


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