Surrette 6CS21P Deep Cycle Battery

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Rolls Surrette

Our unique battery design features dual container construction.   Each cell is self contained in a high temperature retardant, durable polypropylene case. The outer container is made of high-density unbreakable polyethylene, providing double protection from breakage and acid leakage. Cell replacement is clear and concise with bolt-on connectors, allowing the battery to be assembled or repaired on location.

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The Rolls Surrette 6CS21P Series 5000 Deep Cycle Battery features a dual case structure for added strength and a high cycle life with thick positive plates and a large liquid reserve. This battery is a very high capacity battery with New Generation series 5000 advantages and features. Dual case, replaceable cells, small foot print and an expected life of over 10 years (depending on maintenance and application). This battery is a quantum leap from the performance and longevity provided by golf cart and L-16 floor scrubber types. Flag terminals provide a secure cable connection.

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Battery Specifications Group
Cycling Capacity 683 a/h @ 20 hrs
Nominal Voltage 6 vdc
Battery Chemistry Wet Lead Acid
Length 559 mm 22 Inches
Width 248 mm 9 3/4 Inches
Height 464 mm 18 1/4 Inches
Weight - 123 kg 271 Lbs.


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