Surrette S-1450 Deep Cycle Battery

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Rolls Surrette

Rolls Battery 4000 Series product range offers a full range of voltage and capacity options. Our most popular models are based on the well recognized L-16, group 24 and 27 sizes with improved capacity, liquid reserve (up to 2.75”) and cycle life.

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The Rolls Surrette S1450 (S-1450) Deep Cycle Battery features a high cycle life with thick positive plates and a large liquid reserve. Rolls Surrette takes the L-16 size battery to new levels by improving the capacity and service life. This battery is heavier than its comparable model, the L-16, and is unsurpassed in reliability.  Connections are easy due to the thick lead alloy flag terminals for 5/16 in. bolts. It is packaged in a light weight structural molded container with lifting rope handles.

Warranty is 7 years ( First 24 months replacement, next 60 months prorated )


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Battery Specifications Group
Cycling Capacity 1124 a/h @ 20 hrs
Nominal Voltage 2 vdc
Group Size 2V L-16
Length 318 mm 12 1/2 Inches
Width 181 mm 7 1/8 Inches
Height 432 mm 17 Inches
Weight - 54 kg 120 Lbs.


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