Magnum Dimensions

The Off Grid and Mobile Market Leader

Magnum Dimensions (formerly Magnum Energy) manufactures high quality inverters, charge controllers and balance-of-system products.  The company focuses primarily on the off-grid and mobile markets.

The Magnum MS Series of inverter / chargers have become the leaders in off-grid installations.  The pure sine wave MS Series is available in single or split phased AC output to match most installation needs.  The ME and RD series of modified sine wave inverters are heavy duty power houses in the mobile and off-grid markets also.  The MM and MMS series of inverters are available with or without chargers for smaller load applications.  MMP Panel systems have made installation quick, easy and code compliant.   The new PT solar controller can deliver a whopping 100 amps of charge current to your battery bank.

We offer the complete Magnum Dimensions catalog of products to our Canadian customers.  If you don’t see what you need, please contact us!

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