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About The Solar Supermarket

The Solar Supermarket serves Canada with the widest selection and best possible prices for solar energy equipment including solar panels of all shapes and sizes, inverters, batteries, charge controllers, and all the balance of system components.

We draw from a nation wide network of distribution warehouses, so we can offer quicker order response and lower prices than anyone else in the industry.

The Solar Supermarket is the online web store of Lakeshore Power Systems (or LPS for short).  LPS began operation in 2002 near Port Burwell Ontario.  We were near Lake Erie, and therefore selected Lakeshore Power Systems as our name.  In the early years, our primary focus was on small wind systems as wind is abundantly available near the lakeshore (as evidenced by all the utility scale wind turbines that were installed later).  At that time, solar was over $10/watt, and was not affordable.  Over the years, we have witnessed the cost of solar drop and the acceptance rise.  Today, we are focused almost entirely on solar PV, but will help with small wind systems from time to time.

LPS has supplied the equipment, or installed a large number of solar energy systems over the years.   We supply products from our great manufacturers like Outback, Magnum, Go Power!, MidNite Solar, and Morningstar (to name a few).  We support our customers with timely service and technical advice when needed.  We will also assist with warranty service as required.

If you are in Northern Ontario, chances are pretty good that you know some one who has worked with us before.  Ask them how they like their solar system and how easy it was to deal with us!  Draw on our many years of experience!  Give us a call, or email us today to discuss your renewable energy project!