Are you looking to have your solar PV system installed? We can help. We have been supplying and installing solar in Ontario for many years, and one thing we understand is that every installation is unique.

Grid Tie Solar With No Batteries

Popularized due to the Ontario feed-in tariff, this form of installation ties directly to the existing AC system and the energy produced is either sold (feed-in tariff) or used to offset the users electrical load. In either case, the LDC must allow the connection.

Grid Tie Solar
Grid Tie / Off Grid Solar With Batteries

Battery based solar may either be grid tied, or off grid simply by the type of DC to AC inverter installed. This type of installation is popular with cottages (off-grid) or homes that want to reduce their electrical bills and have emergency back-up power.

Off Grid Solar
Mobile Solar

By definition, mobile solar is always off-grid and may have unique requirements for the solar panels such as the ability to deploy the solar temporarily or remote from the vehicle, or the need for unbreakable solar panels. The inverters and other equipment may also need to be ruggedized or weatherproof.

Mobile Solar
Industrial Solar

Industrial solar typically uses equipment certified for use in hazardous locations. It also typically has a well defined load and can be designed to accomodate any number of “worst case” scenarios depending on need.

Industrial Solar