Wiley WEEB 9.5NL Grounding Washer




Universal bottom mount WEEB washers bond PV modules to the mounting structure at the module mounting holes. The WEEB-9.5NL universal bottom mount WEEB washer will accommodate up to 3/8″ bolted connections and do not have retaining fingers.



Each of the two WEEB washers should contact a different mounting member.  Insert bolts (not supplied) and tighten until the dimples are completely embedded and the two aluminum pieces are flat against the body of the WEEB.  A large washer will help to embed the dimples when using thin or malleable metals.  The embedded dimples will make a gas tight mechanical connection and thus ensure good electrical connection.

  • Material: 304 stainless steel
  • Listed to UL467 by ETL
  • Outdoor rated
  • Maximum electrical equipment ground conductor size when used with 2 WEEBs contacting each module in an assembly: 6 AWG


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