Grid Tie Solar

Features of Grid Tie Solar Systems

Grid Tie Solar products feature solar panels specifically designed for installation on homes and businesses.  They also feature grid tie solar inverters (or micro-inverters) that interact with the utility for net metering, feed-in tariffs, or peak load shaving.

Net Metering is a type of connection that allows the owner to store excess solar generated power with the utility and then take it back when needed.

A feed-in tariff is a type of connection that allows the owner to sell all the solar generated power to the utility.

Peak load shaving is a type of connection that does not export solar energy to the utility at any time.  It does however use the solar energy produced to reduce the amount of energy needed from the utility.

Grid tie solar may or may not utilize a battery bank, depending on a number of variables.  These variables include the type of inverter (or inverters) used, LDC requirements, or the need for emergency back-up power at the location.

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