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MidNite Solar offers a range of PV Combiners from our MNPV3 to the MNPV16. This range of combiners accommodates PV systems as small as a two string off grid cabin up to 16 strings for a 100KW commercial grid tie inverter



This range of combiners accommodates PV systems as small as a 2 string off-grid cabin up to 12 strings for a 50kW commercial grid tied inverter.  The MNPV series combiners are the result of 20 years of design and manufacturing experience in the solar industry.  Each unit has the same quality features, such as:

  • Aluminum, rainproof type 3R enclosure
  • Internal, plastic injection molded dead front covers
  • Knockouts that accept waterproof strain reliefs, conduit or panel mount MC type connectors
  • Knockouts for lightning arrestors
  • Uses 150VDC and 300VDC breakers or 1000VDC fuses depending on model number
  • ETL listed to UL1741 for use in the USA and Canada
  • Adaptable for two separate inverters or charge controllers on certain models

This Combiner can be configured in 3 ways:
A single 10 string combiner for a transformer based (Grounded) inverter using 10 positive fuses
2 separate 5 string combiners for 2 transformer based (Grounded) inverters using 5 positive and 5 positive fuses
A single 5 string transformer less (Ungrounded) combiner 5 positive and 5 negative fuses

Includes 2 isolated 15 position PV negative bus bars, 15 position ground bus bar, and 200 amp Plus bus bar for breakers and fuses. Plus busbars can be combined or separated to support 2 inverters or charge controllers.

Note: Input OCPD (fuses and/or breakers) are not included.

PV Combiner Specifications
Maximum Number of Input Strings 12 (150VDC Breakers) or 10 (600VDC Fuse Holders)
Maximum OCPD Per Input String 63A (150VDC Breakers) / 30A (600VDC fuses) / 50A (300VDC breakers) / 20A (600VDC breakers)
Maximum VDC of Input Strings 600 VDC
Input Wire Range 14 - 6 AWG
Maximun Number of Output Strings 2
Maximum Output Amps 200 Amps with Fuses and 150 volt breakers, 168 amps with 300 volt breakers
Output Wire Range 14 to 1/0 AWG
Lug Temperature Rating 90 deg. C
Deadfront Included


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