Off Grid Solar

Features of Off Grid Solar Products:

Off Grid Solar Products feature solar panels and balance of system components specifically designed to meet the needs of living away from the utility grid for extended periods of time.

Depending on the amount of solar energy needed, these solar panels may be the same as grid-tie or industrial solar panels.  As the price of solar has dropped, most off-grid users opt for installing more solar capacity than ever before.   This makes larger solar panels also more popular than ever before.

Off-Grid inverters generally feature internal transfer switches and AC-to-DC battery chargers for use with gas or propane generators.  Many have automatic generator start modules installed to turn on the generator automatically based on battery voltage or cabin temperature.  Magnum, Outback and Schneider are leaders in this market.

These charge controllers tend to be larger capacity MPPT controllers.  MidNite Solar, Outback, Morningstar and Schneider are all leaders in this market.

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