2/0 x 16″ Battery-to-Battery Cable

ID: BC-2/0-16



These battery cables are suitable for battery based inverter installations including solar powered cottages, battery back-up power systems, mobile or industrial power systems.  They are used to connect batteries together in series or parallel.


  • UL/CSA approved cable
  • UL/CSA approved 3/8″ lug terminals

The following diagram shows a typical series/parallel battery cable wiring arrangement.


Note that series connections (joining +ve to -ve) increase battery bank voltage, and parallel connections (joining +ve to +ve, then -ve to -ve) increase battery bank storage (ah) capacity.

Care must be taken to ensure cables are installed correctly and safely!  If you aren’t sure of how to make these connections, please consult the manufacturer, electrician, technician, or other qualified source.


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