Industrial Solar

Features of Industrial Solar Systems:

Industrial Solar Products feature heavy duty solar panels, inverters, charge controllers and balance of system equipment used in telecom, oil and gas, and other critical applications.  Many other applications use these solar products since they are generally more robust and can better withstand the harsh conditions found on sail boats, utility vehicles and other rugged mobile applications.

These solar panels feature thick aluminum frames.  They also typically have junction boxes that are not pre-wired.  Most of these solar panels are Class 1, Div 2 rated, meaning that they can be used in hazardous environments.

Industrial solar charge controllers generally feature encapsulated circuitry which can survive in moist, damp, or other harsh environments.  ASC and SunSaver are two models of solar controllers typically used in these applications.

Industrial inverters are typically transformer based with high surge capacities.  Some are also enclosed with no fans to draw moisture or contaminants through their circuits.  SureSine and Outback FX are two models of inverters typically used in these applications.

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