Mobile Solar

Features of Mobile Solar Products:

Mobile Solar Products feature solar panels, inverters and other balance of system components specifically designed for RV, marine, transport, or utility truck applications.

Framed solar modules share features of industrial solar panels as they have heavy aluminum frames and junction boxes.  Flexible solar modules are also very popular to install on the curved surfaces of many travel trailers and RV’s.

Mobile inverters come in a wide range of sizes and styles designed to fit just about any application.  Many are transformer based for use with high surge loads, while others are lighter, high frequency switching for use with electronics.  Pure sine and modified sine wave models are available.  Inverters with built-in transfer switches or battery chargers are also common.  Go Power! is the leading manufacturer of these inverters with models available in all sizes and types.

Balance of system components include PWM or MPPT solar controllers which can be flush mounted, or feature flush mounted remote meters for system monitoring.  Go Power! and Victron Energy are the leaders in this category.

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