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The Carmanah Adjustable Mount allows you to optimize solar charging by enabling you to adjust your solar panel to maximize exposure to the sun. Tilting the panel can increase performance by up to 40% during winter time camping.



The Adjustable ARM Universal Mount (ARM-UNI) optimizes solar charging by enabling you to adjust the panel to better face the sun. The ARM-UNI is lightweight, easy to install, and is ideal for boats, trucks, and RVs. Tilting the panel can increase performance up to 40%.


  • Easy and quick to install
  • Ideal for boats, trucks and RVs
  • Tilting can increase performance up to 40%
  • Adjustable without tools

The Go Power! ARM Universal Mount attaches flat to the RV roof for traveling and adjusts from 0-75 degrees (to face either side) when parked. The Arm-Uni tilts in two directions within seconds and without the need of tools.

Installing your ARM-UNI Mount is easy. Everything is included in the Go Power! RV Kit. With basic tools, you can install it or let your qualified Go Power! RV dealer do it for you.

Caution! Do not drive with the ARM-UNI in the upright position as it may damage the solar module and the ARM-UNI. Be sure to adjust the ARM-UNI to the “flat” and locked position before driving.

ARM-UNI is compatible with the GP-RV-80, 95 and 145 Kits.


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