Delta LA302DC DC Lightning Arrestor: 0 – 500 VDC, 3 Wire


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Delta Lightning Arrestors

Silicon oxide arrestor for photovoltaic and other limited current DC applications.


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The Delta LA Series handles the big surges, like lightning up to 50,000 amps, passing them harmlessly to ground.  While it is not possible to achieve one hundred percent protection, Delta units will greatly reduce problems due to lightning, power surges and spikes!

Delta Arrestors:

  • employ a non-conductive base to prevent a blown arrestor from creating a shock hazard
  • do not cover adjacent equipment with carbon dust on failing, preventing damage to other equipment
  • always fail “clear” to permit continued use of the power system
  • are based on a silicon material to provide quicker operation at lower conduction resistance
  • will pass a large number of high-energy surges and half-cycle spikes prior to failing
  • have extra long leads (optional) to ease installation
  • have lock-nut and bushing furnished
  • are available in any voltage or number of poles


Type of Design Silicon Oxide Varistor
Maximum number of surges Unlimited
Response time one milliamp test 5 nanoseconds
Response time to clamp 10,000 amps 10 nanoseconds
Response time to clamp 50,000 amps 25 nanoseconds
Maximum Current LA302DC – 60,000 amps
LA602DC – 100,000 amps


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