Fast-Rack Ultra Flash Kit for Shingled Roofs x 25 pcs




The Fast-Rack Ultra Roof Flashing protects and seals your solar mounting roof penetrations on shingle roofs. Designed as part of the Fast-Rack racking system, the Fast-Rack Ultra Roof Flashing connects the Fast-Rack rails to roof trusses, without fear of leaks. Engineered for Canada and part of the reason Fast-Rack is one of Canada’s most popular PV racking systems. Designed for Fast-Rack with 48” centres or less. Consult the installation manual for instructions.



Fast-Rack ULTRA Flash Kit for Shingle Roofs

  • ADVANTAGES:  Fast and secure installations of solar rails to shingle roofs. Anodized aluminum flashing, marine grade aluminum L-Foot and stainless-steel lag screws provide corrosion protection and long life.
  • SECURE: Includes a 4” Stainless steel lag screw to provide a secure connection to roof trusses and rafters. Engineered with pull-out tests that greatly exceed Canadian snow loads and winds.
  • WATERPROOF: Our unique EPDM Double Seal has 2 layers of water protection. A custom Fast-Rack L-Foot seals against a large EPDM seal between the L-Foot and the heavy gauge anodized aluminum flashing. Another washer double seals against water ingress.
  • QUICK INSTALLATION:  Simply locate the flashing where you want the L-Foot to land. Drill a ¼” pilot hole to prevent rafter splitting. Drive in the 4” lag screw with a ½” socket driver to secure the L-Foot to the roof structure. Simple and fast!


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