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Go Power!’s 100-Watt Retreat Solar Kit is ideal for RVs or boats with limited roof space.

*Best paired with 200Ah of AGM Battery Power, or 100Ah of Lithium Battery Power.



Product Overview


The 100-watt Retreat Solar kit is our most efficient solar charging kit available and is ideal for rooftops where space is limited. The Go Power! Retreat Solar Kit features 100 watts and 5.43 amps of charge power. For extended or full-time traveling, see our Overlander Solar Kit or an AC power system like the Solar Elite.

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Included in Kit:

  • 100-watt solar panel (GP-PV-100M)
  • 30-amp dual-bank, Bluetooth® PWM Solar Controller (GP-PWM-30-UL)*
  • 25′ of solar output cable – RED (#10)
  • 25′ of solar output cable – BLACK (#10)
  • Mounting hardware (1 x GP-MH-4-KB)
Solar Specifications
Maximum Power (Pmax) 100 W
Current at Maximum Power (Imp) 5.43 A
Voltage at Maximum Power (Vmp) 18.40 V
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 22.60 V
Solar Cell Type Monocrystalline
Solar Module Efficiency 15.34 %
Connectivity MC4 Connectors
Solar Controller 30 A PWM, multi battery option, 4 stage charging, digital display and flush mount
Frame Type Clear Anodized Aluminum


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