Wiley WEEB 6.7 Grounding Lug




The WEEB® Grounding Lug is installed using stainless steel mounting hardware. When the hardware is tightened, the WEEB® washer’s specialized teeth embed into anodized aluminum or any electrically conductive metal to establish a gas tight electrical connection.



The WEEBLug is a device for grounding the anodized aluminum or other metal components of a PV array.  The WEEBLug consists of two parts: a stainless steel washer (WEEB-6.7) and a tin-plated copper lug.  The washer is designed to provide a reliable gas-tight electrical connection with anodized aluminum pieces.  The WEEBLug may also be used with any metal surface for which a standard copper lug may be used.  The lug allows the lay-in connection of an equipment ground conductor.  The WEEBLug may be attached to the top of a mounting rail with a captive bolt, or fastened to any aluminum piece after drilling a suitable size clearance hole (see part number list below).

Usage: Insert a stainless steel bolt in the aluminum rail or through the clearance hole in the aluminum peice.  Place the WEEB washer on the bolt, oriented so that the teeth will contact the aluminum piece.  Place the lug on the bolt over the WEEB washer.  Install the stainless steel washers and nut.  Tighten the nut until the WEEB teeth are completely embedded in the aluminum and the lug is flat against the body of the WEEB (10 ft-lb / 13.5N-m).  The embedded teeth make a gas-tight connection and thus ensure reliable electrical conduction between the aluminum and the lug.

  • Material: 304 stainless steel, tin-plated copper
  • Listed to ANSI/UL 467 by Intertek ETL
  • Use with hardware size listed below
  • Torque fastener to 10 ft-lb / 13.5 N-m using general purpose anti-seize
  • Maximum equipment ground conductor size: 6 AWG
  • Multiple equipment ground conductor allowance: 2 x 10 AWG or 2 x 12 AWG
  • Torque screw to 7 ft-lb / 10 N-m to secure lay-in conductor
  • Outdoor rated

Includes: WEEB-LUG-6.7, WEEB-6.7 stainless steel washer and 1/4″ stainless steel mounting hardware (bolts, nuts, flat and split washers).


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