Zephyr 12 VDC Battery Box Ventilator

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Why use a POWER VENT?

  • Positive venting of hydrogen gas
  • Stops back drafting
  • Puts the smell outside
  • Keeps batteries warmer in cold climates than passive venting
  • Keeps battery tops and terminals cleaner
  • Uses very little power

Install Notes:

  1. DO NOT GLUE the POWER VENT in place.  Friction fit is adequate.  DO NOT drip glue onto the fan blades.
  2. DO use 2″ PVC (DWV) pipe on 12 and 24 volt systems.  Use 2″ intake and 3″ output on 48 volt systems.
  3. Install POWER VENT with the label the right side up to ensure proper back-draft damper function
  4. Ensure POWER VENT is installed higher than the top of the battery box (and indoors, especially in cold climates)
  5. Use no more than four 90 degree elbows from start to finish, including the (required) one at the exterior terminus facing down.
  6. Put a screen on the outside pipe terminus to keep insects and debris out.

Wiring Notes:

  • Place a 1 amp fuse (included) at the start of the positive circuit wire.
  • Thermostat wire and phone splice/tap connectors (ULG or UG) work well to connect the POWER VENT.
  • Use a cable tie around the base of the POWER VENT and wires to provide strain relief.
  • A controller (not included) is usually used in the circuit to cycle the fan.  Some inverters and/or charge controllers (Outback, Xantrex XW, etc…) may have a 12 volt powered auxiliary relay available.  Please refer to the appropriate manual for hookup and programming instructions.  If no relay is available, external switches such as the ECO ENERGY VS series may be used.   Please see below for more information.
Set Points for Flooded Wet Lead Acid Batteries





(Trace inverters)


 13.2 VOLTS

 13.0 VOLTS



 26.4 VOLTS

 26.1 VOLTS



 52.8 VOLTS

 52.2 VOLTS


Limitations and Disclaimer:

This vent is designed for home systems with typical charging capabilities of 150 DC amps or less.   Hydrogen gas creates an explosion risk at concentrations of only 4%.  Make sure vent openings are free and clear including safety vent hole at the bottom of the POWER VENT.   Periodically check to make sure fan is running during charge periods.  Keep your batteries and connections clean and tight.  Additional ventilation may be needed on large systems during equalization.  Having no control over the use or installation of this product, we assume no liability connected with its’ use.


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