MidNite Solar MNPV6-250 DISCO Disconnecting Combiner



MidNite Solar
The MNPV6 Disco combiner is rated for outdoor use. Designed for combining PV strings up to 150VDC, 120 amps total output with the MNPV6 Disco or 300 VDC, 120 amps total output with the MNPV6-250 Disco, or 240 VAC, 120 Amps per phase with the MNPV6-AC Disco.




This 3R MNPV6 DISCO combiner is one in a series of disconnecting PV combiners from MidNite Solar. This model will support several different configurations. You can use 6 of our 150 volt DC breakers and included buss-bar for a 6 string disconnecting combiner. You also will be able to install 1 of our 600 volt DC breakers making a nice grid tie disconnect.


  • PV combiner up to six strings using MNEPV 150 VDC breakers with the MNPV6 Disco
  • PV combiner up to three strings using MNEPV 300 VDC breakers with the MNPV6-250 Disco
  • AC Combiner for up to three strings for use with micro inverters using MNEAC 240 VAC Breakers
  • DC load center using MNEPV breakers


  • Convenient disconnect handle
  • All aluminum powder coated housing that won’t rust
  • Flip up cover that can stay in the open position during installation
  • PV Negative bus bar with 14 usable openings (10 #14 – 6 and 4#1/0 – 14)
  • Chassis ground bus bar with 14 usable openings (10 #14 – 6 and 4#1/0 – 14)
  • Standard din rail to mount up to 6, 150V or 3, 300 Volt breakers
  • 120 Amp tin plated copper bus bar to combine breaker outputs – bus bar may be split in two
  • Dead front cover snaps into place after wiring is complete for safety
  • Knockouts for PV in and P V out on bottom and sides
  • Top surface is available to bring conduit in from directly above the enclosure
PV Combiner Specifications
Maximum Number of Input Strings 3 (300VDC breakers)
Maximum OCPD Per Input String 30A (300VDC Breakers)
Maximum VDC of Input Strings 300 VDC
Input Wire Range 14 - 6 AWG
Maximun Number of Output Strings 1
Maximum Output Amps 120 A
Output Wire Range 14 to 1/0 AWG
Lug Temperature Rating 90 deg. C
Deadfront Included


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