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The Overlander allows you to enjoy the peace and quiet without a generator, and no longer worry about draining your batteries while away from grid power. The Go Power! Overlander is the largest single 12-volt solar charging kit on the market, with 190 watts and 9.3 amps of power charging capability. This powerful battery charger is great for maintaining the charge in all types of batteries and is ideal for extended RVing or dry-camping. This kit is included with our complete solar and inverter systems: SOLAR EXTREME, SOLAR ELITE, and WEEKENDER ISW.



Product Overview

The Go Power! Overlander Solar Kit is the most popular 12-volt charging kit on the market.

Included in the Overlander Kit:

  • 190W solar module (GP-PV-190M)
  • 30-amp dual-bank, Bluetooth® PWM Solar Controller (GP-PWM-30-UL)*
  • 25′ of solar output cable – RED (#10)
  • 25′ of solar output cable – BLACK (#10)
  • Mounting hardware (1 x GP-MH-4-KB)
Solar Specifications
Maximum Power (Pmax) 190 W
Current at Maximum Power (Imp) 9.45 A
Voltage at Maximum Power (Vmp) 20.4 V
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 24.09 V
Solar Cell Type Monocrystalline
Connectivity MC4 Connectors
Solar Controller 30 A PWM, multi battery option, 4 stage charging, digital display and flush mount
Frame Type Clear Anodized Aluminum


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