Surrette S6-460AGM RE Deep Cycle Battery

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Rolls Surrette

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The Rolls S6-460AGM-RE is a 6-volt, sealed AGM battery with 415 amp-hours of capacity when discharged at a 20 hour rate. AGM batteries have a few key benefits over regular lead acid batteries such as, less maintenance, no spilling, and the ability to hold their charge longer. These batteries are ideal for back-up power applications.

Like all batteries, the lifespan depends on how well they are managed. The number of cycles a battery can handle depends on how much of the total capacity is discharged before being charged again. The S6-460 batteries should not be discharged completely and should be recharged fully between cycles.

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Battery Specifications Group
Cycling Capacity 415 a/h @ 20 hrs
Nominal Voltage 6 vdc
Group Size L-16
Battery Chemistry Flooded AGM
Length 11.625
Width 16.66
Height 16.66
Weight - 123 lbs / 55.79 kg


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